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Cornwall Adult Hockey Academy

Since 2013, Cornwall Adult Hockey Academy for Beginners is a non-profit hockey school for adults, men and women with or without experience, looking to learn to skate and play hockey in a fun and safe environment. Through a skills development program, you will learn and acquire all the required skills to play in recreational hockey leagues.



Learn-To-Play program




Our hockey learning program offer the opportunity to learn skating techniques, stick & puck handling and game play strategy.

You never skated before? Not a problem, non-skaters are welcome. We will teach you all the basic and help you to progress at your own pace.

20 sessions where players, grouped by level, evolve at their own pace learning new skills and perfecting them trough drills and scrimmages. 

  • 50 minutes classes

  • Weekly

When and where?

For who?

  • Adults, men and women of all ages with or without previous experience.

  • First time skaters are welcomed!

What do I need?

  • Full hockey equipment is mandatory. We strongly recommend you to buy used equipment except for skates and helmet. Skates must be fitted by professional to avoid pain, blisters and enjoy your experience. Helmets have a limited life expectancy, make sure you know it still valid.

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The COED league is a non-competitive recreational league for adults (18 and over) men and women. You'll meet people, get lots of exercise, and have loads of fun in a friendly, recreational atmosphere. Opened to all levels of players where good players downplay their game play and help other players to progress.

  • No contact

  • No competitive games

  • When : Click to view the schedule

  • 50 minutes games

  • 24 games

  • At Long Sault Arena, Long Sault

  • From October to March

What do I need?

  • Full hockey equipment is mandatory. We strongly recommend you to buy used equipment except for skates and helmet. Skates must be fitted by professional to avoid pain, blisters and enjoy your experience. Helmets have a limited life expectancy, make sure you know it still valid.

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Recreational League

The Monday league

A recreational league for our advance players, men and women, who looks to play in a fun and safe environment:


What do I need?




Dmitriy Ronkin

When I was kid, my parents did not favor hockey as a sport and did not consider buying any required equipment.  So I joined speed skating team in order to get my free skates … except they were for speed skating. Now imagine how to play hockey with thisJ. I made my own hockey stick (DIY) and my best shin pads were made of old thick magazines…  Oh, we did not have a coach, so we enjoyed cleaning the rink on our own and running after the pack or a hockey ball or just a chunk of ice. As time passed (35 years), I saw CAHAB as an opportunity to fulfill kid’s dreams … Upon joining CAHAB, I liked very much a three coach teaching approach where each one has its own way to explain the subject. In addition, it makes a good student/coach ratio. The course is built around safe environment and it is balanced as drills/game time ratio as well. My favorite drills are pack handling and superman leap. For the game time, coaches built it around an opportunity for everyone to play. It is very enjoyable program and I would recommend it to everyone who would like to  learn or re-fresh skills or just get back in shape.

CAHAB provided me with another opportunity – understanding of a hockey as part of life for Canadians.  After immigration to Canada, I did not have chance to get in touch with this cultural layer of modern history of Canada.  Now, I feel it as another way to learn about people and community around me, build connections, learn traditions.


Dmitriy Ronkin

Stephen Sage


My experience with the program has been very gratifying.   I always wanted to play organized hockey when I was a child, however, family finances prevented me from participating.   I became a road hockey warrior until the opportunity afforded itself to play when I put my son in organized hockey.  For several years I spared on local pick up teams, but was very much out of place.   The guys were great with me, knowing my skills were limited.  I couldn't thank them enough for their encouragement, however, they were not there to teach me to play hockey, they were there for the enjoyment of the game.   While I certainly appreciated the opportunity to play, the " fun " of game was not there for me.


By chance, I happened to notice a CAHAB poster in the Metro grocery store in Cornwall in the late summer of 2015.   I immediately signed up and although CAHAB was all booked up, the organization went out of its way to accommodate myself and several others in the program.


Armed with the determination to learn how to play hockey, I couldn't wait to start.   The beginner program provided the group with the basic conditioning, skating, puck handling,  shooting, passing and positional play drills that helped all to confidently progress to the intermediate program in 2016.  


The Beginner program allows participants to progress at a level comfortable to all.  The coaches are a dedicated group who go out of their way to provide an " individual " mentorship of the game to all members of CAHAB.


This mentorship continued into the intermediate program, where I was able to put most of what I learned together from the beginner program.   I still have a lot to improve on.  As I complete my registration for the advanced program in 2017, I am confident that the more i play, the better my skills will improve.  I enjoy the game more every time I play.


I congratulate the executive of CAHAB.  This is an excellent program.  Very well managed and coached.

For those who want to learn to play hockey, at a pace comfortable as a beginner, I highly recommend this organization.      


Best, to all,


Melanie Desnoyers


I really enjoyed this program. I had never played hockey and was very intimidated by the sport. Those who needed more help where provided one on one coaching and I began so see my improvement after each session. The Coach Alain is fantastic, he is patient, kind, kept me motivated by encouraging me and acknowledging my achievements. I'm looking forward to picking up where I left off next season.

Claude Labrecque


Hi my name is Claude Labrecque.  I have been with this program since the beginning and just wanted to say a few words.


CAHAB is a very good program that Cornwall needed.  Before this program, there wasn't anything in the area for adults wanting to learn how to play hockey.  


I've never played any form of organized hockey when I was younger , however I always loved the game.   When I started my job 16 years ago, there was a group that played hockey and they always said,"Don't worry its just for fun, it doesn't matter if you can't skate". So I went out and bought all the equipment I needed.  I tried playing as a spare but found it difficult.  I played a few times and then gave up as I could not keep up with anyone. My hockey equipment stayed packed away.


When I first saw the CAHAB poster I decided that if I was ever going to play hockey I needed to sign up.  I am extremely happy that I did.  The learn to skate/play hockey program was perfect. We were separated into groups based on our current skill level.  There is no pressure whether you could or couldn't skate.   The coaches did a great job of helping everyone, no matter the skill level.  They challenged us, therefore making us better players.


The learning hockey league allowed me to play games with other players of the same caliber without having the added pressure of  trying  to keep up with very strong players. Everyone was friendly and were all there for the same reasons.  To learn the game.  It didn't matter who scored, they encouraged everyone to get involved, shooting passing etc.  There is a coach on the ice or on the bench to explain game strategy and proper positioning.


This year CAHAB has added a third night for the more experienced players that want to play games.  This is a great progression for people who are ready to try some regular pick up hockey games. 


If anyone is really on the fence about trying out this program, I highly recommend it.  You won't be disappointed.


Hopefully we will see you on the ice!

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Frequently asked questions

I never skated before, can I still register to your Learn-To-Play program?

Yes! Our learning program include a skating skills development where we will teach you all the basic skills required to learn skating. We will assist you right from your first step on the ice.

I can skate but never played hockey. Should I start with the Learn-To-Play or join the leagues?

You should register to our Learn-To-Play program. Playing hockey is in no way similar to leisure skating. Power stops, quick turns and body balance are essentials. The leagues are not meant to learn how to skate or play hockey and you will not feel confortable nor have fun if you do not possesse the fundamental skills. It is also dangerous for you and others if you cannot control your balance.

Is the Monday league competitive?

No, none of our leagues are competitive. No contact allowed.

I have unanswered questions, how can I contact you?

You can contact us by email at or call us at (613) 931-9877

I'm not sure if I'm good enough to join a league, what should I do?

Contact us. We will discuss about your hockey / skating background experience and will guide you toward the best program for you.

I registered to one of the program but didn't get email confirmation, what should i do?

If you didn't get an email comfirmation, it is possible that your email address is incorrect. Please contact us at


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Pat Mcleod

Head Coach

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Chelsea Tardiff


Claude Labrecque

Monday's League Manager

Alex Powell


Cindy Léger

Saturday COED

League Manager


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